Clear Air

Laminar Horizontal

Laminar Horizontal is the largest buying products that we at APS Instruments manufactured. This product is a complete package unit which is being provided to give clean air to any laboratory. Where there is any hyper critical work, it can perform convincingly well within the minimum contamination and also assures 99.97% removal of airborne particles as 0-3 microns in the work area.

The basic elements are fitted with pre-filters along with heavy duty assembly. Our product also has an in-built technology pre-filter which can be helpful to drawn from HEPA(high efficiency particular air) and filter(Absolute filter) to absolute HEPA filter. In this device where ultra clean air moves horizontally in laminar flow bench cross the work in an area with a velocity of approximate 90; ± 20 feet per minute.

Constructed out of basic material with duro board wood at the front back, top and exterior surface covered with Formica. All interior surfaces are painted with carefully formed epoxy filter seat. This feature is installed in order to check whether there is a leakage in the laminar or not. It also has a work table made out of mica at the top and side panels which are made with 6 mm thick glass transparent frame anodized with aluminum angle frame. Taking about the blowers which are fitted 1/4 H.P.

Equipped with electric motor that can operate minimum noise and vibration. Our Laminar Horizontal is absolutely suitable to operate on 220 volts 50 CY A.C. supplies. A Complete Equipment with HEPA filters Prefilters, Manometer, Gas Cock, Transparent Acrylic Sheet Front and Side Doors.

Technical specification

Model Working Area HEPA Filter Size No. of Pre Filters Illumination Florousent Tubes U.V. Tube
HLF-1 2’x2’x2' 2’x2’x 6" 1 2 x 20 W 1 x 15 W
HLF-2 3’x2’x2' 3’x2’x 6" 1 2 x 20 W 1 x 30 W
HLF-3 4’x2’x2' 4’x2’x 6" 1 2 x 40 W 1 x 30 W
HLF-4 6’x2’x2' 3’x2’x 6" 2 2 x 40 W 1 x 30 W