General Instruments

Colony Counter

Colony counter is one of many products that we offer in APS Instruments. Design specifically in order to meet the challenges and requirements of the customer. This is a complete product with a convenient pen which allows marking and counting simultaneously. This device has been enhanced with some additional features where counting is proficiently retransferred at digital panel.

Fitted with resettable solid setting encounter, makes it a product which is very low on cost. To have more close vision, this device has been equipped with a high definition magnifying glass. In order to get the uniformity in light illumination this has been fitted firmly with fluorescent light. Colony counter comes in two different displays one with three digit display ranges from 0 to 999 and the other comes up with four digit display with ranges from 0 to 9999.


We only manufacture the best and quality Hot Plates, so if you need a Hot Plate of international quality then you are at the right place. Some extra added features which are included in our plates and thus makes it a hit product in the market.

These features includes a body which is fabricated out of thick mild steel sheet, Finished in white stoving enamel / powder coated paint with mat finished color combinations, Top is made of highly polished stainless steel sheet, Heavy duty heating elements, having a power consumption capacity of 220A.C Volts, Three-heat rotary switch / energy regulator, SUNVIC energy regulator can be provided against routine energy regulator and finally in order to take control of the temperature this equipment is also been equipped with a digital temperature controller.


    • Specifications as above with 20 cm (8”) dia. moulded top/SS Sheet top.
  • HOT PLATE (Rectangular)
    • Specifications as BTI121 but plate are rectangular in shape.


  • Following standard sizes are available :
    • 30 x 25 cm (12” x 10”)
    • 40 x 25 cm (16” x 10”)
    • 45 x 30 cm (18” x 12”)
    • 60 x 45 cm (24” x 18”)