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BULK SMS (Mobile Marketing Services)

SMS Marketing was started in early 2000s, where the promotional mails were used to be sent on consumers’ cell phones. Mobile marketing, in form of SMS marketing has rapidly increased as a new media to reach to the end users since then. According to a research SMS marketing is highly convertible method of marketing, as an SMS gets opened at every fourth minute on an average, which makes it more effective. Best part of SMS, voice SMS and whatsapp marketing is, that the service provider takes care of message delivery through the pannel they have and once you become our customer for this service, you will definitely get a hassle free service and we will track the delivery of the intended messages.


Voice SMS is being broadly used in the areas where people do not check for their SMSs. This method is basically used as a direct interaction over the call. A recorded voice message gets delivered to the target audience. This gives you a levarage to record yourself talking about your product or services to multiple people. First of all a panel gets created to administer this, then you can record a message in your voice and finally the message will be delivered to the contact list.


Another method, which has emerged with the implementation of Android on phones, is Whatsapp Marketing. Messages get broadcasted to the customers on their phone and the conversion rates are higher in whatsapp. As one may not check his/her cell phone for texts but for whatsapp, the chances to open messages are higher than any other method available in mobile marketing. these are 3 basic methods of mobile marketing and we, at Digital India Marketing. have been delivering our best services in the market to our customers located across India.



Bulk Email Marketing Services

Bulk Email Marketing Services has seen a tremendous growth in recent times. Bulk mail broadly refers to mails that is mailed and processed in bulk at reduced rates. At present we have very limited Bulk Email Service Providers in India. Bulk Services will only be effective if we reached them to target audience with relevant content. At Digital India Marketing we understand this and this is the reason we are topmost firm to look out for in Targeted Email Marketing Services in Delhi NCR as well as Top Email Marketing Campaign Services in India.

If you’re new in online business; Bulk email marketing services in is a way that can boost your business. offers link tracking, bulk email services, Email Scheduling, list management and Cloud based application. Bulk email marketing services in, is an efficient way to drive more traffic towards your business. The basic of targeted bulk email marketing services is to provide more sales for business.

We, at Digital India Marketing provide a web based panel to create campaigning and to send newsletter where a client can create his own personalized contact list. It helps them to manage their frequently contacted people. The activity of sending such Emails is performed using SMTPservers. With the help of bulk Email marketing services, any vendor or service provider can send their product information or newsletters to a large number of intended recipients at once and by doing this they can increase the chances of their services to be known and informed to many people at once and that’s too very effectively.

Bulk Email Price List

Bulk email service is very low and cost effective service to grow your business effectively. Here we provide some bulk email packages:





1,00,000 Emails
1 Month validity
Intelligent Engine
Real-Time Report
dynamic IP monitoring




5,00,000 Emails
1 Month validity
Intelligent Engine
Real-Time Report
dynamic IP monitoring

Solutions offered to the Corporate:

  • Real Time Location Tracking for timely deliveries
  • Real Time Speed and AC Information
  • Driver Identification System
  • Geo-Fencing of Restricted Zones
  • Alerts through Email & SMS
  • Driver Behavior Reports
  • Customized Route Settings for Drivers
  • Panic Button Alerts
  • Alerts on the delays in delivery
  • Employee Pick up & Drop Route Planning
  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts at the regular intervals
  • Exhaustive Summarized Reports of the Vehicle
  • Remote Immobilization feature
  • Personalized Location Settings
  • Online Payments
  • 100% Uptime with our cloud servers
  • User Friendly Application
  • Handy Mobile Apps Available
  • Multiple Map options
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Email
  • IVR Solutions
  • Miss Call Services
  • SEO / SMO / SME / PPC