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Ambulance/School bus Tracking System

Technical Parameter

  • Voltage : 12VDC/24VDC/36VDC
  • Work current : < 30mA@12V
  • Standby Current : < 10mA@12V
  • GPS positioning accuracy : 15m
  • GSM positioning accuracy : 100m
  • GPS Frequency : 1575MHz
  • GSM Frequency : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Hot/warm/cold start time : <
  • 3s,< 15s,< 60s
  • Battery capacity : 200mAh
  • Dimensions (mm) : 79.5(L)X38.5(W)X10.5(H)
  • Operating temperature : -20ºC~70ºC
  • Operating humidity : 20%~80%R
  • Net Weight : 45 g


  • Supports quad bands i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, worldwide used
  • Wide Input Voltage: 6-36V DC
  • GPS + GSM (LBS) Tracking
  • GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and feedback position via GPRS at setting times
  • Tracks real-time and playback
  • Web browser platform, Smart phone app platform and SMS query
  • Built-in battery, Power disconnect alarm & Low battery alarm
  • Supports multiple alarm, acceleration sensor can be added (B models, optional component), so as increase vibration, collision and falling alarm
  • Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying
  • Use relay to remotely control the vehicle
  • Use SOS button for SOS call
  • Uses external microphone to monitor remotely
  • Multiple protocol support, OTA upgrade program
  • Mini size, easy to hide and install

Child’s safety and security is the topmost priority for any parent. Axestrack provides ‘Pick and Drop’ mobile app to ensure safety of your kids. Using this app, parents can receive information regarding pick & drop of their child. This solution not only tracks the bus but also children aboard. Its powerful alert mechanism provides you with the opportunity to take prompt action in case of any hitch. It also saves the parents and school from hassles of making/receiving various calls regarding enquiry of bus timings. So, install the app on your mobile and you would be just be a few clicks away from your child.


  • Alerts for Route Deviation/Unforeseen situation
  • Reminders for pick up/drop off
  • Real time monitoring of the bus on the map
  • Tracking students on the bus using built-in camera
  • Ability to send any notifications by school admin to parents


  • Improved conveyance management by tracking halt, speed and idle state of buses
  • Real time regular monitoring of the buses to prevent delays in arrival time
  • Control fuel and maintenance costs by reducing fuel usage due to over speeding
  • Enhanced safety by monitoring speed and creating geo-fences
  • In GPS installed vehicle, driving behavior can be monitored
  • It has been observed that driver’s in GPS fitted vehicle drive safely


  • Private Schools
  • Educational Institutes
  • Government Educational Bodies
  • Learning Centers
  • Tutorial Academies

Ambulance Tracking System

This solution focus to make the ambulance available to a needy patient in the shortest possible time by redirecting the ambulance from a nearby location and in a shorter path, than the conventional way of sending the ambulance all the way from hospital to a critical spot.

After extensive study and analysis New Technology evolved; GPS based Emergency Medical Services. In this, The Ambulance will be equipped with GPS enabled Tracker devices that will collect the location coordinates from the GPS satellites and send them in real time to the central server through GPRS enabled SIM and the concerned or the authorized can also communicate with the ambulance driver through PDA and also guide him with the driving directions to the nearest hospital on the PDA maps.

  • Find the nearest ambulance to a patient's location
  • Locate the nearest hospital from the ambulance
  • Cut response times in the “Golden Hours”
  • Accurately verify patient transport times & mileage
  • Effectively verify driver / ambulance locations
  • Re-route the ambulance to the nearest hospital
  • Monitor siren & light activations
  • Optimize routes to patient locations
  • Monitor non-emergency speeding to improve driver safety
  • Ensure drivers are at assigned staged locations