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Taxi Dispatch Software

Today, We are into Entirely New Era of Taxi Business.

Our cloud based system offers a reliable solution available the world over directly from your browser. The complete solution includes caller id, fleet management, real-time tracking and many other features.

Take the right route every time

Taxi Dispatch Software allows you to configure different dispatch options that can be changed automatically as scheduled or at the touch of a button.

With Taxi Dispatch Software you define how the system dispatches jobs to match your requirements. This flexible configuration ensures maximum benefit from a dispatching system.This feature allows you to instantly switch dispatch setting to match the system load to allow you to dispatch more effectively.

Efficient dispatch algorithms reduce dead mileage resulting in better and swifter service with increased returns per mile driven. All this whilst retaining driver fairness with queue positions.

Taxi Dispatch Software enables cost effective dispatching on cellular networks. The vehicles are connected everywhere because of the broad network coverage.

Taxi Dispatch Software vehicle movement replay allows you to re-play a vehicles route after the event. Therefore if for any reason after a trip is completed you need to see the route taken you can simply re-play the route on the map screen.

Solutions offered to the Corporate:

AUTO DISPATCH SYSTEM: Taxi Mobility's auto dispatch system allots passenger with ​nearest taxi ​at right time ​automatically.

ROBUST APPS: Intelligent apps for driver and passenger to receive and manage taxi bookings over few taps

BOOKING SYSTEM: Take telephone bookings with real-time GPS tracker inbuilt in the system to locate passenger, driver , transactions and more.

E - RECEIPTS AND INVOICE: Upon successful payment, passenger app receives e-receipt and Invoice of the trip in registered email id.

GPS TRACKING SYSTEM: GPS tracker in the mobile apps and dispatch software enables a fast and reliable approach towards taxi management process.